Kingfisher Consultancy SAE is a technology and marketing company based in Egypt. The company started by consulting start-ups on how to present their products and services through creativity and structure. By understanding how branding and the digital world works, the company has been fortunate to help many companies grow.

Since 2010 Kingfisher has been providing a range of consultancy and business advisory services to a select group of discerning clients in Egypt and internationally. In 2016 the company became an accredited consultant with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). This collaboration led the company to provide a level of personalized services for SMEs as well as bigger corporations.



Our design methods and the team’s submergence in every brand we work with enables the Studio department to excel in the limits of the brands we work on. We cover everything creative, from logo design to packaging, advertisements, Gifs, videos, animations, reports, infographics, and all other print and digital designs needed.


Our advertising department offers our clients with vast opportunities and through various mediums. Whether it is on outdoor billboards, mural paintings, or print advertising.. we will produce and then connect your business in the right place. Kingfisher is also working with specialized and veteran digital marketing gurus, who can direct your media buying budget to your specific target audience.


Planning and managing an event involves a multitude of tasks – identifying the target audience, designing the event concept, selecting a venue, budgeting, marketing, and coordinating all the technical and logistics aspects. Whether you’re planning a press conference, a new product launch, a corporate promotion, a business meeting, or a workshop, we’ve made the process of event management a fine art.


We are a full production house dedicated to urban art and outdoor luminous hand-painted wallscapes powered by a commercial approach while maintaining the mission of contributing towards an urban cosmetic development. We design and implement appealing visuals to be displayed on medium and big scale structures to set the mood for your customers and advertise your business.


We produce magazines, brochures, reports, and other publications for companies, organizations, and the not-for-profit sector. If you want your publication to get results, you need quality editorial, inspirational design, a strong distribution plan, and professional project management. And that’s exactly what we offer.


Kingfisher services can vary with each customer, we consult not only based on our in-house capabilities but on what we see fit based on our research and expertise. We have a wide network of suppliers in and outside of Egypt. We also provide technical services like database management systems, front-end development services, and more.


Property Inventory Enterprise or “PIE” is a B2B inventory sharing platform. PIE system secures data sharing through its cloud network and gives the opportunity to both suppliers and real estate brokers to communicate efficiently. Through the innovative technology of data processing suppliers easily add their on-sale properties in PIE, and brokers instantly get updates through a mobile application. Moreover, PIE offers more features including smart labeling, inter-company communications, and analytics.

We are a branding strategy and design consultancy, delivering intelligence and creativity. Our work encompasses name selection, logo design, web design, photography, video production, printed materials, contract publishing, and event management. Besides our in-house talent, we have a large network of associates and gifted freelancers to call upon when needed. We provide our clients with the creative output of a big agency with the personal touch and efficiency of a boutique consultancy firm.